20160731_105145Boy, this blob of ink is SLEEPY!  No matter how much tea I drink, I can’t seem to wake up.  But of course, it turns into this vicious cycle where I ingest a lot of caffeine in the effort to stay awake, and then I can’t fall asleep because I have become a blob of tea rather than a blob of ink.

But the writing still must get done, even if I am sleepy!  I’m hoping to get a rough draft of my current story done before I go on vacation.  That way, I can print out a rough draft to take with me on the plane.  I find it easiest to edit on hard copy, even if it seems a terrible waste of paper, because it’s easier for me to write directly on the page.  Do you know how hard it is for blobs of ink to type on the computer?  Do you see any hands on that little self-portrait of me?


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