How does it look?

I had some free time today, so I tried to make this place look a little more like I want it to look, and hopefully be more helpful to people who want to see what I’ve written.  I also made a new book cover while I was at it.  I never liked the cover for Hand on Heart–I had to make it using Kindle Cover Creator (for reasons too boring to go into here), and their fonts and layouts are extremely limited.

half-naked man with a sword in medieval clothes on a dark background

What do you think?  I’m a bit chagrined to have capitulated to the “half-naked man with well-developed abs” model of romance cover novel, but it does advertise “hello, there are sexy men within this book, and they have sex.  With each other, even.”  Also, he’s wearing gloves.  It’s very important to keep your hands protected when wielding swords!


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